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A Silver Spurs Performance Saddle is special and you will be proud riding a saddle tailored to you. We offers several tooling & silver options as well as saddle patterns complete with today’s most popular trees, skirts and seat-styles. Silver Spurs Performance Saddles are made in the USA using American materials with the same high quality standards of all our other lines. We specifically designed the Silver Spurs Performance saddle to meet a price point that makes it economical for the serious Amateur as well as Professional Horsemen.


Silver Spurs Performance saddles are crafted with the highest quality standards by our team of experienced saddle makers, leather toolers and carvers. With the exception of the seats and riggings being sewn with a heavy duty leather sewing machine the only difference between a Scottsdale Performance saddle compared to our higher priced Pinnacle and Signature lines are pure aesthetics in our limited options for tooling patterns, silver trim and seat quilt materials. The trees and all other materials are exactly the same.


Silver Spurs Performance Saddles - enjoy the quality, comfort and fit at an affordable price.


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The Pinnacle Series comes with a wide selection of finishing options

Here you will find a base of information and design examples to give you an idea of what is possible! Feel free to explore your options and contact us with any questions you may have.

Please allow 8-12 weeks minimum for delivery. 

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